The Labors of Heracles - Table of Contents

I like writing web serials, I like Hercules, or Heracles. I spent the summer writing about his 12 labors. Please enjoy the story, below you'll find a table of contents.

Chapter 29: Battle of Paros
Chapter 30: Lycus
Chapter 31: Almost There
Chapter 32: Battle of Themiscyra
Chapter 33: Girdle of Hippolyta
Chapter 34: I'm Not a Herder
Chapter 35: Spoiled Poppies
Chapter 36: Unconventional Herding
Chapter 37: A True Sacrifice
Chapter 38: Wisdom of Elders
Chapter 39: Weight of The World
Chapter 40: Ladon The Dragon
Chapter 41: Impossible
Chapter 42: Eleusinian Mysteries
Chapter 43: Freeing of Theseus
Chapter 44: Hades of The Underworld
Chapter 45: Cerberus
Chapter 46: 12 Labors
Chapter 47: Big Changes
Other Things of Some Interest

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