The Companions

The Belt of Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. A gift from Ares to his daughter Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. It would not be an easy task to complete as the Amazons were a race of women who specialized in all aspects of war. Even the journey would be rough, and Heracles could not captain a ship. Azeus had sent letters with messengers. They waited to see who would answer their call to adventure. This would be the day they arrived to sail with Heracles or the two would venture out alone.

They had spent the last few weeks drinking wine, procuring a small ship and telling stories of The Amazons. Azeus had gained an interest in them, learning they trained for war from birth and only ventured from the island to mate and fight. Heracles trained him on sword work. Another battle like the one against Diomedes men would prove fatal. Heracles would not let another die under his protection. It had been far too many, his children and Pholus was enough. Azeus had trusted him, and accompanied him at his lowest time. He would not let him die.

Iolaus was the first to arrive. He wanted one more true journey before settling down. He had come for many reasons. He had married Heracles wife and wanted to give the news before anyone else. Heracles was glad, Iolaus would treat her well. He wouldn't remind her of the monster Heracles believed himself to be. More importantly he was there to check on the mental state of Heracles. He was surprised to see that some of the despair previously circling him had disapated.

The next to arrive was Abderus, along with several men. He had come because he had a city to lead. He could not lead a city without honor. He had come with his chosen guard to gain said honor. Not many can say they have been to an island of Amazons and survived. His speed would be a welcome blessing if a fight were necessary.

As the group laughed at the ship Heracles and Azeus had acquired another group of soldiers arrived. Heracles did not recognize any of them, and they had no symbols of any cities. They demanded Heracles wait only a little longer before he set sail. He obliged them, he was having a good time, likely the last for a while.

When Heracles could wait no more his small ship had been blocked into port by a massive ship. Enough for nearly fifty men to travel comfortably. As the crew disembarked Heracles could not recognize their allegiances as they carried no symbols. Perhaps a mercenary crew. The last person stepped out and Azeus lit up with joy. King Phyleus had arrived, with a ship and nearly a dozen men. All together, there were twenty-five of them and among them they had all been trained. Even more threatening, two demi-gods walked amongst them. If a fight was necessary, they may have a chance.

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