"The ugly curse words ruined it for me," 

- Margaret from Good Reads

Darrell Shaffer Jr

Darrell Shaffer Jr hasn't won any awards for his writing and no one has ever called him the next R.L. Stine. Despite that, he continues to write at an unreasonable He can probably add up all the change in your pocket very fast but probably can't tell you the difference between horror and thriller.

He's written multiple novels across different genres. His first book sold a whopping zero copies and was pulled from the internet in a fit of rage. Since then he's found his groove writing about superheroes, vampires and crime. Through weekly web serials Exsanguinate and Intercosmic he's begun to carve out a niche for himself but he's no Wildbow. He's much too lazy to write 5,000 word chapters. 

Some authors decorate pages with elegant words, Darrell does not. His writing style is more akin to smashing the page with a sledge hammer which is why he's hosted more podcasts than he's published books. He's not a great podcaster either, which is why Powerbomb Jutsu is the only one still going. 

In spite of his flaws, Darrell is bother persistent and consistent about wanting to be a better author. That is why he continues to release new material weekly, sometimes even daily. He's never stated he would be among the best authors, but he would be among the most prolific. You can't write as much as he does without eventually getting good at it.