The Temple

"Where are we," Azeus asked taking in the grand sculptures and carvings.

"A temple," Heracles answered bluntly.

"To who? I've never seen one like this."

"To the old Gods, the Titans," Heracles answer demanded silence.

There were no worshipers waiting at the alter, no sacrifices or songs of praise. Nor were there any Gods to be seen receiving their praises. The time had long since passed when anyone would worship them. This was but a monument to the past now, a meeting place for those who sought to do deeds in the dark. There on that day Heracles spotted exactly who had come to.

Artemis and Apollo stood disgusted, expecting Heracles. Artemis face twisted in anger as she watched her precious doe follow behind Heracles on a leash. Apollo held her back, knowing the damage that she could do. Even if she was the goddess of moon, she could do plenty of damage when she wished.

"What have you done," Artemis yelled out.

"I apologize," Heracles took a knee. "I must capture the Ceryneian Hind as part of a penance. I made a grave mistake while under Hera's influence," Heracles began to tell the story.

When it was said and done Artemis no longer felt rage. She felt pain for Heracles. Many had relegated Artemis to a goddess who cruelly hunted for game, or blessed childbirth if only to make women stronger through pain. A woman who always had ulterior motives and never showed weakness. Today she stood on the verge of tears looking at Heracles. Her twin brother Apollo's face mimicked her own sadness. They had never known Heracles to be a liar, and even if they had, they knew Hera's cruelty all too well.

"Make me a promise Heracles," Artemis offered her hand to bring him up from one knee.

"Anything," Heracles kissed her hand as she was indeed royalty.

"Promise me no more harm will come to the doe, and all shall be forgiven," Artemis stared Heracles in his eye.

"I promise, on my life, no matter how little it may be worth these days," Heracles promised.

"Your life has much meaning still Heracles," Apollo finally spoke. "You spoke with my oracle. Am I not the God of healing? That includes emotional healing. Strive to be a better man, and you shall be healed of your pain."

"I will do as you say," Heracles promised Apollo as well.

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