Pholus The Caveman

"Boy, this is Pholus, the caveman," Heracles introduced Azeus to Pholus.

"This is not, a man. This is a... a....," Azeus was at a loss for for words.

"A Centaur. Yes, you don't see many of us around the cities do you? We have our own communities, can't be bothered with the humans. You know how it is. You're hanging out with Heracles after all. Godly company," Pholus joked.

"Demi-God," Heracles corrected him.

"Demi-God, but not like that Achilles fellow. Now that's a Demi-God," Pholus joked.

"Did Achilles save your behind from that Circus, or did I," Heracles returned the barb.

Pholus had long separated himself from the other centaurs. He craved to know more of the outside world. More than the other centaurs, he chose a life of exile. A life of exile where he would meet more than centaurs and the occasional God visits. He was captured long ago after drinking with Dionysus. At the time Heracles was forced to serve as one of the wine bearers for the God. He broke the rank of command to retrieve Pholus from some hunters. The two had been friends ever since.

They had long stopped drinking as they had when Dionysus but they still loved to share wine and laugh over old memories. After their meal Pholus suggested the wise and immortal centaur Chiron would have answers about the boar. Soon Pholus brought out some wine he had been gifted by Dionysus on a recent visit. The three drank and laughed. Heracles and Pholus had a great time, Azeus could barely stand. He had never been so drunk in his life and stopped long before Heracles and Pholus.

Had Azeus not stopped drinking he would not have begun to regain his senses. Meaning he would not have spotted the Centaurs coming over the mountain. Pholus had separated himself from the herd but he had not gone far. Not far enough that they couldn't smell the sweet wine Dionysus had gifted him. The smell was simply heavenly and drew dozens in, ready for a fight.

"Boy, it is time you had your first true taste of battle. Grab a bow and prepare," Heracles instructed Azeus.

The three wasted no time fending off the other centaurs. The arrows that did not kill inflicted severe pain, driving the centaurs mad. Their ranks were quickly broken apart, and shortly after they were sent fleeing. Heracles congratulated Azeus on completing his first battle, and performing well with a bow and arrow. Azeus heart swelled once more with love for Heracles, willing to do anything for the man at this point.

Their moment was interrupted as Pholus screamed out in pain. He was curious as to why the arrows drove away the centaurs with such pain. The arrows had been dipped in the Hyrdra's poison. In his drunken state Pholus had dropped an arrow, breaking the skin he was dosed with they Hydra's poison. The shock of pain caused his heart to stop and Pholus fell over dead on the ground next to Heracles and Azeus.

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