Chrion's Immortality

Heracles and Azeus lit a funeral pyre for Pholus not far from his home. It wasn't large and there were no others to see him to the underworld. The best they could do on short notice. Even if they had time, Pholus didn't have many friends. He could count them on both hands, and that included Azeus the man he met just days earlier. Heracles said some kind words about his friend and Azeus sang a song as the body was lit. They stayed and watched for a moment before heading out.

Th Centaurs weren't far, just hidden deep inside the forest behind a magical veil. Heracles knew how to reach them so there were no issues. Inside the veil the centaurs were in panic. The poison arrows had killed several and left many more in pain. Still, they had no idea who had routed them so quickly. Heracles and Azeus had no intention of telling them. They could fend off the Centaurs but it would not be worth it. They simply needed answers from Chiron.

They found Chiron, being treated. Screaming in pain. He had one of the poison arrows lodged into his neck, it would have killed any other centaur on impact or removal. But Chrion, had been gifted immortality. He would live on in pain forever, screaming out long after the wound had healed.

"I will do anything to stop this pain, I will give anything to you. Zeus can you hear me," Chiron called out. "I will, I surrender it. I surrender it." he called out although no one could see who he was speaking to.

In an instant, the pain stopped. Chiron was free from his nightmare. He had lived hundreds of years, and never felt such pain, but it was over. He could truly live life now. Those in the room were unaware that he had just surrendered his immortality to Zeus. What Zeus chose to do with it would be his decision and his alone. For the moment, people only knew that Chiron had stopped screaming in agony.

"Chiron, you are the wisest of centaurs. We need your help to catch the Erymanthian Boar," Heracles stood over Chiron.

"Please, I have just recovered," Chiron said pushing past Heracles.

Heracles grasped at his wrist, "I can do worse," and stared into Chiron's eyes.

"Drive it up a mountain and into the snow," Chiron was no longer immortal and knew it would be unwise to test himself against Heracles.

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