The Boar

Locating the boar had been no trouble. It left a path of destruction wherever it went. Heracles simply sent Azeus out to find out where the damage was. After that it was no problem tracking the boar. It had tried to fight with Heracles but quickly realized it was no match. Soon Heracles chased the boar up a mountain. It had no problem sprinting through the trees and up the hill. Soon it reached snow and could no longer run. It was quickly captured and bound by Heracles.

Upon reaching the city Heracles was told to hand over the boar to King Eurystheus men, and he did as he was told. For three days the boar ravaged the city, enraged, confused and unleashed. The only option was to open the gates and beg The Gods that it would run out of the city. Heracles could only laugh as the beast flew towards him. He captured it quickly and tossed it into the sea. There it swam away, causing no more harm.

It was another three days before Kin Eurystheus would send his Herald. Instead the King cowered in his palace conversing with Hera. She wanted to increase the danger, send Heracles to fight some dangerous beast only a God could survive against. Eurystheus feared what that might mean for his city. Instead he argued they should embarrass Heracles. It seemed there was no monster he could not defeat, nor any creature he could not capture. Eurystheus stood his ground, he would much rather argue with a god over a mutual enemy than make Heracles angrier. After much back and forth, Hera agreed.

"Heracles, your next task is ready," a herald approached the man.

"What beast shall I be slaying next? Or shall I be sent to anger another God," Heracles asked fed up with the games.

"You are to clean the Augean Stables," the herald stated before making his leave.

"I've cleaned many stables. This should be no problem," Azeus cheerfully pulled out his map.

"Boy you have too much faith in the Gods and the mortals that play their games," Heracles chastised him.

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