Wisdom of Iolaus

"This is Iolaus, my nephew. One of the wisest men I know," Heracles made the introduction between Azeus and Iolaus."

"It is not harder to be wiser than the men that Heracles knows. Gods are one thing, but the men that accompany him are nothing but brutes," Iolaus jokes.

"Ah, you can be a brute yourself you know," Heracles jokes.

"Cunning, not brutish. I am not as strong as you," Iolaus offers the two a seat and wine.

"That is why I am here. I need your cunning. I can not best the Hydra. I smash a head, and two more grow. How would you kill him," Heracles asks.

"Ah, instead of smashing the heads, I would cut them for starts. Then I would brand the wound.

For a moment Iolaus ponders the question and has another sip of wine. Iolaus was not as smart as Heracles believed. He was indeed cunning. He was never the strongest or most skilled but he always found a way to survive. Survival tactics were where he excelled.

"In battle, when men have wounds and there are no medics I've seen them heat their blades as if they were cattle brands. They would burn the wound closed. The same could work here."

"Azeus, go fetch my golden blade from y home," Heracles commanded. "Iolaus, do you have a brand I can borrow?"

"You can borrow a brand, and my blade," Iolaus extended a hand.

"Thank you, I can always depend on you. A nephew taking care of his uncle. How shameful."

"How are you holding up," Iolaus takes the moment to ask his uncle.

"Not well. I fell for one of Hera's ploys. I murdered my family. I tried to kill myself at least seven times. Nothing worked. Zeus sent me to Apollo's oracle. She says work for King Eursytheus. He's a coward. I have a man who is still a child following me. Father says I will be saved by following the Oracle. I do not feel saved. If anything I feel as if I have fallen lower than ever before. My wife, Megara. I have no idea what has become of her."

"Well, she's come see me a few times."

"Take care of her, please."

"I will. But you need to take care of yourself. It wasn't your fault. We know Hera is tricky. She's deceived many before you. She'll mislead many more. Find your redemption, and move on with your life. This is but a chapter. It will pass."

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