The Lernean Hydra

Flaming arrows flew into the swamp. The same as last time. The Leamean Hydra rushed out expecting a club. As it cleared the woods Heracles golden sword sliced through one of the heads with ease. Iolaus quickly sealed the flesh closed with a burning brand. The Hydra released sounds of pain and attempted to retreat, only to lose another head to Heracles. Iolaus traded his used brand with a hot one from Azeus before sealing the wound before new heads could emerge. Cut and brand, cut and brand. The cycle was repeated until as single head remained.

The blood of the Hydra burned as it covered each of the men. The poison within it's veins was potent enough to burn even the kin of Gods. If they were to be bitten, the pain would be unbearable. It had driven men to suicide in the past. The same could not be said for our heroes. They had faced off with many beasts and warriors in the past. They were not simply men who wanted to make names by slaying some mythical beasts. Both were already recognized in their own rights. Heracles was Heracles and Iolaus was young, but he had managed to survive many battles. A grizzled young veteran and Heracles was Heracles.

The center head, adorned with a crown of bone to signify it's dominance roared out as it was the last head left. More aggressive than before it attempted to bite at Heracles and Iolaus. It even turned attention to Azeus at one point. Soon it began to spit venom, piercing trees and stones alike. Hera sensed the doom was coming and summoned a man eating crab to help the Hydra. Only for it to quickly be crushed beneath Heracles foot. The hydra, a truly gruesome foe, until Heracles golden blade stabbed through the crown of bone and finally brought the creatures reign of terror to an end.

Then men laughed in relief when they Hydra didn't awaken, truly defeated, no new heads spouting. Iolaus ever the reluctant genius suggested dipping their arrows in the Hydra's poison. Even if they were to miss, a man would be injured beyond belief if they were to hit. And so they did, these arrows would kill foe and friend alike.

"You never cease to amaze me," Heracles rubbed his nephews head.

"You never cease to bring me into danger," Iolaus joked.

"Well, you were both amazing," Azeus said, in awe of what he had just witnessed.

"You did good," Iolaus complimented the boy.

"Aye, he'll be a man yet," Heracles nodded finally accepting Azeus as a true companion.

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