Wisdom of Elders

Prometheus was once a wise and proud Titan. He had helped Zeus defeat the other Titans and was treated as hero, welcomed among the Gods. However, Zeus planned to destroy the human race, and Prometheus could not allow that. He knew he was no match for Zeus. Instead, he stole a single flame from Mt. Olympus and delivered it to the humans, bringing them forth from the dark ages. Zeus' plan was thwarted. As punishment, he had Prometheus bound to a stone.

Fire was not the only thing Prometheus provided to humans. Writing, math, medicine, astronomy, agriculture and architecture. He had taught them a great deal of things, and for that, each day he would be tormented by a ruthless eagle, that would eat of his flesh and organs. Only for them to grow again later. From his stone Prometheus swore to Zeus that one day he would be set free by Zeus' own kin and that an heir would be born to overthrow Zeus. For thirteen generations, Prometheus remained calm while bound to that stone with chains built by Haphaestus and eaten by Eagles. When Heracles arrived he could barely contain his smile.

"Prometheus, you were said to have been the wisest of The Titans. I need you to reveal the location of Hesperides' garden," Heracles commanded of the disgraced Titan.

"I am sorry. These chains are too tight, if I move they pierce my flesh. I have not ate nor drank in over a century. My brain has been eaten too many times for me to remember," Prometheus pleaded with Heracles.

"Tell me now," Heracles demanded with no respect in his voice.

"I can not remember much in this state. At times my own name fails me. When you called my name it reminded me that I truly am someone." 

"Perhaps we should free him. He's paid his debt," Azeus suggested.

"That is not for us to decide. He betrayed my father. I can not simply free him because he may be able to help me with information."

Unbothered by visitors the Eagle perched next to Prometheus and began pecking at his stomach, trying to reach the soft parts of his innards. Disturbed by the site Azeus picked up a stone and hurled it at the Eagle's head, agitating the bird and forcing it away for now. Heracles sighed, thinking of his father's wrath as he walked towards Prometheus. He gripped the chains, blood spilling from his hands. He pulled at the chains. No mortal could break the chains, they were enchanted to prevent any God from breaking the chains. But Heracles was no mortal, and he held the blood of Zeus. He struggled briefly, but the chains snapped.

"Men, are still good," Prometheus muttered as he slid from the rock to his knees.

Prometheus struggled to stand after so long. His muscles had grown week from not being used. But he was a Titan and soon it would be as if he had always been free. For now he was happy to wipe the tears of joy from his eyes. All those years, he waited on an heir from Zeus to set him free, and here he was free to do as he pleased from today forth.

"Do you remember where the Garden is," Heracles asked.

"I remember everything, and I shall tell you everything as well," Prometheus smiled at Heracles.

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