A True Sacrifoce

For over a month Heracles and Azeus trekked back to King Eurystheus. Cattle in tow, herded by Cacus and his men. This was the task that had enraged Heracles more than any other. The contempt was clear in his face as he presented the cattle to King Eurystheus in the middle of a festival to Hera. He had simply walked into the city, cattle following, no longer caring of the silly rules that had been placed upon him.

"Might I suggest, the cattle be sacrificed to Hera," Azeus asked King Eurystheus.

"No that wouldn't do. They were stolen after all," King Eurystheus shot down the idea.

He had wanted to keep the cattle for himself. Hundreds of cattle could bring in untold fortunes. But the crowd would not have it. They were there to celebrate Hera and called for the sacrifice. No matter how the king attempted to dissuade them. Hera herself could have prevented this sacrifice. She wanted to, as she had no reason to want a sacrifice from Heracles. But Hera was spiteful and did nothing to stop it. She had grown tired of Eurystheus and his simple tasks. The Hydra, Hippolyta's Girldle, the most difficult tasks had been hers. Eurystheus had simply sent Heracles to fetch animals.

The streets ran red with blood and the people cheered as the sacrifice was made. At no point had they witnessed such a large sacrifice before, and they would not witness another. Hera smirked, not because of the gifts that had been given to her, but because Eurystheus grimaced and she knew he would see things her way. He finally hated Heracles as much as she had.

"What's next," Heracles asked as soon as the last cow had been killed.

"Bring me three golden from the garden of Hesperidies," King Eurystheus demanded.

"Where is the garden? Does it even exist," Heracles asked in disgust, feeling this was the first impossible task.

"That is your problem to solve, not mine," King Eurystheus' stated coldly as he exited the plaza.

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