Azeus and The Bull

"Azeus, go lure the bull out," Heracles told the boy.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Go lure the bull out."

"You've never asked me to do something like this," Azeus seemed shocked.

"You fought against the Hydra and the Centaurs, did you not," Heracles asked.

"I was there, I wouldn't say I fought."

"Fine, you provided support against the Hydra. But, you fired arrows against the Centaurs and stood next to me as a warrior. So, lure the bull," Heracles continued to insist.

"Why would I do that?"

"You are betrothed to a king. We've discussed it, people won't like it and they will test you. But you are still a man. Apollo has been repeatedly tested and repeatedly he has shown he can rise to any definition of manhood. You are still a man, a young man who hasn't shed his boyish ways. But, you are a man. You will be tested. This is but a test, prove your manhood," Heracles looked Azeus in the eyes with each word.

"Understood," Azeus attempted to display confidence as he walked into the crops.

With the wheat above his head Azeus could not see anything. Still he attempted to lure the bull, hoping that no harm would come to him. Heracles did not seem like the kind go to send a man to his death for glee. Azeus had trusted him this far, and he would continue to trust him. That is until he came face to face with the monstrous Cretan Bull. He screamed and ran for cover as the bull began to follow him.

Soon he was cornered against a stone wall. Away from the grain and facing a bull. The bull lowered it's head and prepared to charge. Azeus drew the small dagger Heracles had given him. It wouldn't do much here, but maybe if he lunged for the eyes it would do something. He steadied his hand as the bull kicked up dust behind it. Azeus did not close his eyes or scream in fear when the bull began to race at him. He kept his eyes open knowing he had a single chance.

The moment came when Azeus knew it was life or death and stabbed for the bull with his dagger. He stabbed too soon, the bull was out of reach and charging fast, lowering it's head. At the last moment Heracles leapt over the stone wall and jammed the bulls head into the dirt. Soon the bull was tied and could not move. Azeus fell to the ground, thankful for his life. Thankful that Heracles had not lied.

"Stand up boy," Heracles offered a hand to Azeus who rose but was still terrified. "You stood face to face with a beast of legend. Do not let the King or anyone else walk over you. You are more than a tight hole, wet mouth and warm thighs. Remember that," Heracles forced a sword into Azeus hands. "You are a warrior even if you do not know it. You have faced a Hydra, a squadron of Centaurs, and now the Cretan Bull. Straighten your back, and walk with pride."

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