Cretan Bull

King Eursytheus had no intention of seeing Heracles after the gates to the city had been broken into pieces. He feared Heracles and realized he was turning into his prior self. Full of vigor, strength, pride and a man not to be questioned. He did not require proof that the birds had been dealt with. He knew they would be.

Eursytheus sent a letter, by man to pursue Heracles not long after he left. He would give they next task from a distance. Not allowing Heracles near the city and giving him a chance to do damage. It did not matter what Hera wanted any more. He would never tell her that, but his goal was to keep Heracles away from his city now. Eurystheus spent many nights thinking to himself, he had no conflict with Heracles. They were cousins, they should treat each other as family, or as close as they could with Hera's interference.

It was for the best. Heracles accepted the letter with no issue. Read it and accepted his task. It was simple, capture the Cretan Bull and return it to be sacrificed for Hera. So they left for Crete and sought and audience with King Minos so as not to anger him.

"Of course you may slay that damned bull," King Minos waved off Heracles concern.

"Thank you. I will not cause harm to your city," Heracles thanked him.

"I'll even give you a few of my best men."

"That won't be necessary. I could never put your men at risk," Heracles rebuffed the King's offer. Knowing it was to test his honor.

"Then you shall dine with us," King Minos demanded.

"Will there be wine," Heracles asked.

"Of course," King Minos laughed.

"Then we shall dine," Heracles yelled, inciting several cheers

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