Hades of the Underworld

Hades didn't sit on a throne of bones or screaming souls as expected. Instead his throne room was filled with gold and artworks depicting his own feats in the war against the Titans. The black marble and jeweled fixtures of the room added to the ambiance. God of The Underworld, was still a God, one of the top three Gods, and the magnificence of his throne room showed it. Upon reaching the throne Heracles, Athena, Hermes and Theseus all took a knee and bowed. God or demi-god, they were in Hades realm, and a God such as Hades would not be met without the proper honors. 

"What have you come here for," Hades asked of the group.

"I have come to apologize and beg your forgiveness," Theseus spoke before anyone else could utter a word.

"You no longer wish to rape my wife," Hades asked.

"I had no intentions of doing such a thing. I was unaware that Pirithous had such foul intent," Theseus spoke the truth.

"I can not forgive you, that is for Persephone to decide. I can only say I won't forget you," Hades gaze alone caused Theseus to sweat profusely, nearly vomiting.

"We come to seek an audience," Athena spoke.

"The Brilliant Tactician Athena, The Trusted Herald Hermes and The Monster of Mankind, Heracles. Please rise, what do I owe the honor of this family reunion? The three of you rise, and speak to Uncle Hades," a twisted smile crossed his face.

Heracles told the story of how Hera had betrayed him. Hermes and Athena filled in the gaps with how she had misused her power to torment Heracles. Each of the labors and how Heracles had managed to overcome each of them. They finished with the twelfth labor, to bring Cerberus to King Eurystheus.

"You wish to take my pet to the surface," Hades asked. "That is all?"

"That is all," Heracles responded.

"You traveled to The Underworld, knowing Hera wishes you dead, to ask my permission," Hades asked.

"Indeed, I know Cerberus would not follow me without your word," Heracles responded.

"Here's what I'll do. You can take Cerberus, but only if you cause him no lasting harm and use no weapons against him," Hades waved his hand as if it were nothing.

"Thank you," our party responded in near perfect unison.

"I care for family more than my brothers. It is why I rule The Underworld and they do not. It is a place that not many would willingly call home. Do not follow their lead, I may rule in darkness but my heart has not been clouded by darkness. You are strong and pure, Cerberus will follow if you lead. Good luck. Tell Hera I said hello."

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