Out of Order

The court trial was a farce. King Augeas had chosen everything down to the judges robes. Heracles and Azeus stood no chance in claiming the cattle that were rightfully theirs. Heracles grew more enraged as the trial went on. Azeus keeping him calm through the entire process.

"Can anyone, attest that I promised Heracles 100 heads of my divine cattle," King Augeas asked in the closing moments.

"I can. You promised him those cattle for cleaning the stables," the onlookers gasped as Prince Phyleus defied his father.

Prince Phyleus was not a prince that liked to be heard or seen. In contrast to the princes of other kingdoms he was rather, dull. He did not throw lavish parties, ride into avoidable battles. He chose diplomacy over war. He never challenged his father's rule. That was until he met Azeus, and something within him wanted to be a better man. Heracles' courage was contagious. It had spread to Azeus who had now spread it to Phyleus.

"Know your role boy," King Augeas demanded.

"I am playing my role. To instill fairness in our kingdom," The Prince retorted.

"If that is the case, you can share their punishment. For lying and defaming your king. Heracles, Azeus and Phyleaus, you should all be exiled for a time no less than ten years," King Augeus had spoken and his word was final.

The three were escorted from city grounds as King Augeus gloated behind them. It was unfair, they had played by his rules, and still lost. Heracles was most upset. He could not believe a kin could be so dishonorable. He had heard enough of the taunting. He turned to face King Augeus and with one swift motion he had snatched the King up. With one hand on his shoulder, and another on his scalp he pulled the king's head from his body in front of the guard.

"All hail King Phyleus," Heracles bowed on one knee to the boy who had become a man.

"Hail king Phyleus," Azeus took a knee. Looking eye to eye, man to man with Phyleus.

The soldiers had no problems serving Phyleus, and if they did, they would not speak it. They knew none of them could best Heracles. No ten of them could best him, nor twenty. They took the knee and bowed to Phyleus as well.

"I say the exile is over," King Phyleus gave his first decree. "And Heracles shall have 100 heads of cattle, and the first 100 calfs born shall go to Azeus," his second decree.

It was good to be king indeed.

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