Olympic Games

The Olympic games, a creation of Heracles. Men compete in various athletic competitions as spectators watch, wager and cheer them on. The winners are forever in the halls of history, while the losers face no loss of honor. The spirit of competition is fierce, but there is no shame in losing if the competition is hard fought.

It was only natural that these games be held. Phyleus had become king, and a celebration was needed. Food, drink and entertainment in honor of the new king. Azeus and Phyleus had spent most of the day vanishing. Returning only when a winner needed to be honored or a new event began. Heracles did not pretend to be in confusion about their escapades. He was only glad that there was still love in the world and hoped that they never lived a fate such as his.

"How are the games," Azeus asked, returning to Heracles side as Phyleus gave another speech.

"Wonderful," Heracles smiled and poured wine for Azeus.

"When do we leave," Azeus asked sipping from his cup. "No longer wincing at the strength of wine after many nights of drinking with Heracles."

"Ah, about that. I leave when the games are complete. I have no need for your services any longer, you are free to do as you wish."


"I no longer need your services boy. No, Azeus, I do not have need for companionship in any form," Heracles patted him on the shoulder.

"Then what do you expect me to do," Azeus asked, attempting to hide his rage.

"You are in love. I expect you to live as lovers do," Heracles poured more wine for himself.

"I can not do that, no matter if it is love or not," Azeus continued.

"It is true, he cannot stay," Phleus arrived at the booth.

"Why not," Heracles asked.

"I am engaged to be wed to Hagnete," Phyleaus poured his own wine and sat.

"See, I must go with you," Azeus pleaded to Heracles.

"Fine, but you will return here when my labors are complete," Heracles accepted.

"But he will be married by then, I can't come back," Azeus continued.

"It is true, Hagnete will not allow it," Phyleus placed a finger to Azeus lip, calming him.

"It is no business of a woman what her husband does when he is not with her," Heracles drank from the pitcher of wine. "Mary your wife, keep your honor. Bed the boy like you've spent the last month doing. Make him leader of your defense."

"But what will the people say," Phyleus asked, now holding Azeus' hand.

"Damn them. Kings and Queens have done worse. You care for each other. There is no shame in that. You have not kidnapped any children. Murdered any first born sons or sacrificed virgin girls. You simply fell in love. She accepts it or she leaves. She can easily be replaced. Royalty is stupid like that. People will accept you, and they will honor you. Even if it were fraudulent. That is the luxury afforded to royalty. You should know that by now."

Heracles finished the wine and reached for another pitcher. The young men did not argue with Heracles. They knew he was correct. They were afraid but he would stand by them if ever the time arose when they were in danger. For now they would sip wine in peace as Heracles guzzled by their side. When the labors were complete, it would be settled.

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