Claim Your Horses

"Abdera, this is your city now. You came in our time of need, and should be rewarded as such," Heracles told his cousin.

"Can you really just keep killing kings and giving away cities," Azeus asked.

"Yes," Heracles responded with a laugh.

"That's the way it works sometimes. Most of the time really," Abdera laughed.

"As it should be. You were always a good man. Now, you are a good man with power. Speed unmatched by any who can not claim godhood. You are proof that men are still good. That is rare."

Heracles and Abdera spent the night laughing about the past. Sharing their respective journeys and philosophizing about life. Azeus could only sleep, he had survived his first true battle with nothing more than some cuts that would heal. He had earned his rest as far as he could tell. They had planned to tell Eurystheus in the morning. It would not be necessary, as word of the battle had spread to him already. Before he died Diomedes had sent a messenger to declare war on Eurystheus for the transgression.

Eurystheus could not withstand a war with Diomedes and had sent a group of soldiers right away to appease the king. Instead they found Diomedes being roasted and feasted on by his horses. Fear, shock, relief, all kinds of emotions went through their bodies in that moment. Heracles was relieved. There was no way he could ride a horse at the moment, the pain would by unbearable.

"Take the horses to Eurystheus, beware they do eat men. Yet, they seem much calmer now that they have devoured Diomedes. Perhaps he was the cure for their madness," Heracles commanded of the soldiers.

"We have orders for you as well," the oldest of the bunch spoke.

"Out with it," Heracles demanded.

The old soldier didn't flinch "We were to relieve you of this task to prevent war. Your next task would be to bring the girdle of Hippolyta. Since you have completed this task, it shall still be your next task."

"Are you serious," Heracles asked knowing what that would entail.

"Very. The King needs it as a wedding present for his daughter," the old soldier responded.

A scream cut through the tension before Heracles could respond. One of Eurystheus' men had gotton too rough with Deinus, the terrible. Yanking at the horses' mane to control it only caused it to spew fire burning the man and causing the scream. If the man survived the fire he did not survive as Deinus crushed through his skull and began to chew at the brain.

"I shall claim the girdle of Hippyolyta. You claim your horses," Heracles scooped a sleeping Azeus from the ground and limped away, still feeling the pain inflicted by Diomedes.

"See you later," Abdera called to his cousin Heracles. "Watch out, those horses bite," he warned the soldiers before heading towards what was now his city.

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