Fall of Heracles

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Heracles, the divine son of the God Zeus and Amphitryon. A man who accomplished every goal he set out to accomplish. Kings bowed at his feet, women and men alike offered themselves to him. Still, love doesn't avoid the Gods. His wife Megara bore him seven sons. Today he would be reunited with them after a long voyage even if the reunion wasn't long.

"I have brought wine, where is your mother," Heracles greeted his sons.

"She has gone to the market," his oldest son welcomed him home.

"Then we shall drink, gather your brothers," Heracles commanded.

Who was a boy to deny his father an honest wish after returning from battle? No matter the age a boy always wants to hear the stories of his father, especially one as grand as the legendary Heracles. Soon Heracles was drinking wine and laughing with his sons. Wine of the best quality, raided from the castle of a king forgotten to time.

The wine, was a gift to the king from Hera. Hera was not known for drinking as Dionysus but she was know for drinking the best of all wines. Wines that would leave a person inebriated for days, but still in charge of all of their senses. Each of the sons felt that joy as they drank through the day waiting for their mother to return.

For Heracles, the win was different. Hera hated Heracles, it was no secret. Born of Zeus' infidelity and legendary almost over night. It was jealousy that made her hate the man. She had cursed her wine long ago. If Heracles drank of her wine he would fall ill. If he drank until he was intoxicated, he would witness visions of monsters from the underworld.

Soon Heracles was witnessing the monsters, he did the only thing he knew how to do. He slayed the monsters. One after another. Soon the monsters lie dead as Heracles greeted his wife. Unsure of why she was paralyzed with fear, anger, disgust, sadness and many more negative emotions. Her weeping brought Heracles back to his senses.

He had murdered the servants of their household, neighbors who came to help. In the center of the bodies were the seven sons that she had birthed for Heracles. Dead by their fathers own hand. Heracles first reaction was to curse Hera, but he knew it would do no good. Calming Megan did no good. Heracles picked up the bag he had returned home with and left, as there would be no forgiveness nor comfort at home. Only the pain, and he could not allow anyone to witness his pain.

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