The Oracle of Delphi

Heracles stood at the edge of the cliff staring down onto the the tops of jagged rocks as the waves crashed against them. Slowly retreating during low tide. Soon the rocks stood alone, unimpeded by the rushing waters. Heracles asked for forgiveness and did what he had done several times in the days since he had slain his sons.

His body pushed through the air at great speed, head first. He slammed into the rocks, there was a thud, several rocks broke and blood soon filled the shallow pool. After a moment Heracles awoke and stood. Hurt, but nothing that wouldn't heal in a day. Drowning, jumping from cliffs, hanging himself. Heracles tried to kill himself over and over again.

"Get up son," the voice of Zeus called out to him.

"There is no reason for me to live father. I have murdered my children," Heracles refused to rise from the spot he had fallen.

"Go to the Oracle of Delphi, she will inform you of how to repent," Zeus' voice shook the ground as he spoke.

"Very well father," Heracles picked himself up from the ground.

He started the trek to the Oracle of Delphi. He could have borrowed a horse, or chariot. Instead he walked without sleep. Hoping to feel some kind of repentance for his sins. There was none that came, and by the time he reached the temple, he only felt rage.

Heracles could not be stopped by the cultists inside the temple. He simply walked to the Oracle and demanded answers. He felt nauseous as the Oracle turned to speak with him. Some say there was a gas that filled the room in which the Oracle resided, some say it was divine power. Heracles only knew that he felt a strange sensation.

"If you seek forgiveness travel to Tiryns, seek out your cousin King Eurystheus. Serve him for 10 years, and you shall be forgiven for your transactions."

"Is that my father's will? Apollo's will or your own will Pithia," Heracles asked, enraged at the idea.

"The words I speak are given to me by the Gods, not my own. If you seek forgiveness go to Tiryns, but I can not force you. I am only an Oracle."

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