King Eurystheus' Fear

"Where are we going," Azeus asked Heracles.

"I am going to King Eurystheus to prove I have slain the Nemean Lion. The first of 10 tasks I must complete to repent for my past. You, are free to do what you please. You were not sacrificed, it is not my concern now," Heracles began to pack a bag of supplies.

"Well, I choose to follow you," Azeus responded, quickly taking a bag from a sleeping man and packing his own.

"Why would you do that? I am a murder, a monster of a man who slew his own family. I have no humanity."

"You saved me, you can't be all bad," Azeus argued following Heracles as he lifted the carcass of the lion.

"I killed a lion. You were saved as a result. Find a new path."

"I have no other path. I am nearly 19. I was to frail to be a warrior, I had no talent for smithing. I have not been wed nor do I have any prospects. My father is dead, and I have no one to train me in the ways of manhood," Azeus followed despite Heracles picking up speed.

"You have a mother, care for her."

"She died in child birth. I have no family. That is why they would sacrifice me so easily."

"I killed my sons. I have no need for another."

"Then I shall be your eromenos. I will do whatever you say, take up any role, as long as you allow me to follow and learn from you."

"I am a broken man with no need for a man performing as my sword bearer."

"Then I shall follow you anyway."

"Do as you please, but your death will not be on my conscience."

"You have given me a second chance at life, if I were to die under your watch, it would be an honor," Azeus continued to follow.

Heracles realized the boy had no intentions of going back. He was stuck with him, but he would not watch over him as a child. Although he was a man, he was still a boy by all standards. Not even old enough to grow a beard. They walked for three days in silence. Camping in silence. Finally reaching the city in silence.

Heracles had no appointment when he arrived at King Eurystheus court. He simply barged in and dropped the lion in front of Eurystheus. The king nearly urinated at the sight of the beast. Dead or alive, it was fearsome. Skinless, as Heracles stood wearing it's fur as a coat in summer. The king had never felt such fear.

Heracles was a man, the real deal. A sensitive musician who could drink you under the table, before murdering you with his bare hands. No matter your idea of a real man, Heracles could prove it. The pure antithesis of King Eurystheus. Staring at him made the king tremble. Seeing the Nemean Lion reduced to a lump of flesh made his guard tremble.

"Very well, your next task will be The Lernean Hydra. From this point forward, you will not be allowed to enter the city gates and I will give my orders through a herald," King Eurystheus spoke in a monotone voice. The fear was clear but Hera gave him power.

And so Heracles left, followed by Azeus leaving the carcass of the Nemean Lion but wearing it's hide. Heracles heard the ruling from King Eurystheus, but didn't care. He stayed in the city for several days. Learning of the immortal hydra. Most importantly he waited for the hide to be crafted into an armor custom made for him.

Eurystheus knew Heracles had not left. He would not sacrifice the lives of his men to order him to leave. He had no way to enforce the ruling over Heracles. He simply had to wait until Heracles left so he car bar the city gates, and he did. He quickly ordered the creation of a bronze jar created so that he may hide in the event that Heracles decided to kill him. Men fear what they do not understand, and fear makes you reveal who you truly are. For Eurystheus, it was a coward hidden behind the divine blessing of a petty God.

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