Battle of Paros

The island of Paros, it had been almost two weeks since the crew of royalty, gods and degenerates set sail. This would be their first opportunity to gather more supplies. A bandit by the name of Minos ruled this island. It was far enough that no one would challenge his claims. Nor was he cruel enough that the people felt a need to revolt. A king by default, a king who was protective of his territory.

Three of King Phyleus men had been sent to gather supplies and return to the others. A day had passed and only one had returned, meeting the search party not far from the ship. Bruised and battered he told them what happened. Minos' sons had attacked them, fearful of outsiders. Heracles would not stand for this and charged off alone. He would deal with this himself.

It didn't take long for Heracles to be accosted by soldiers of Minos. They were no challenge for him. He quickly made work for them on his way into the city. Minos had heard word and was quick to meet Heracles at the gates. Even on this island, the legend of Heracles had spread fast and wide.King Minos was eager to make amends. He would fill the ship with supplies.

Heracles wanted more. He demanded the deaths of the sons responsible. Alcaeus and Sthenelus stepped up. They were fearful, and proclaimed their innocence. Still Minos sent them to Heracles. He sensed their innocence. Minos had simply offered two of his least favorite sons to Heracles. He would not kill them. They would join the journey, work off their debt in the process. In return for this, Heracles threatened to murder Minos' grandchildren. Years ago, this would have been an empty threat, but people had known what Heracles did to his family for some time now.

Heracles returned with the supplies and men. Soon the ship would set sail, and this event at Paros would seem minuscule compared to the other challenges they would face on this journey. Many more would die before the trip was over, but for now, they sailed on.

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