The Emancipation of Heracles

"I have brought you Cerberus," Heracles released the dog in the palace.

The people ran around in fear. As the fear in the room grew, so did Cerberus' size. Soon he was crashing through statues and barreling through guards. Heracles only stood in position watching as the king scurried around with the others. Eurystheus demanded Cerberus' be brought here, and here he was.

"Hera, help me," Eurystheus called out.

Hera had given up on the King. She was already plotting her next ventures. How to kill Heracles, get revenge on the other gods, and regain her standing were all more important to her. King Eurystheus had outlived his usefulness if he were to perish it would mean nothing to Hera.

"Zeus, please, I have been faithful to the gods," King Eurystheus pleaded to Zeus.

"Do not plead to my father. Plead to his master," Heracles commanded.

"I will do no such thing," the King pleaded as Cerberus nipped at his heel. 

"It is the only way that he will stop."

"Hades, hear my call. Please free us from the suffering," he pleaded.

"Free me from these labors," Heracles demanded.

"You are free, you are free," King Eurystheus called.

"Now denounce Hera and pledge allegiance to Hades. Promise to make sacrifices to honor him," Heracles commanded.

"I promise. I renounce Hera. I will sacrifice to Hades. I shall worship no God above him."

And with that Cerberus stopped. A brief moment of play with Heracles and the dog vanished in a puff of smoke. Leaving behind only terror and the smell of brimstone and death. Heracles had been freed from his labors and would spend no more time entertaining Eurystheus. 

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