Battle of Themiscyra

Heracles ripped a large plank from the ships deck and marched forward. The Amazons had met his crew with flaming arrows. He had gathered a small army but had not come declaring war. They sailed with blank sails and white flags. There were no signs of war on their behalf, but now they must depart the ship in battle.

Heracles made progress marching forward defending the men from Arrows. Abderus would use his speed, to remove weapons from the Amazons. They were fierce warriors, the best but they were not gods and without weapons they would have to cease the fighting unless they intended to beat the men to death. A possibility that had crossed a drunken Iolous mind several times. It crossed his mind again when a single Amazon managed to break through their ranks and slam one of Phyleus men into the beach. He was saved from the rain of punches by Sthenelus, one of Minos' sons. He ran when he drew the Amazons rage, a coward, but loyal. Azeus sliced at the Amazons leg, putting an end to her terror.

"Do not kill them," Iolaus drunkenly slurred. "We are not here for war."

"Do I look like killer," Azeus yelled.

"Shut your damned mouths and move," Heracles commanded as he made another push forward.

"There bows are gone," Abderus called out as he returned to the men.

"Disarm, don't kill," Iolaus called out.

And so the battle waged on. Heracles and his men vastly out numbered. Steadily making progress. Several of their men were downed, but the Amazons did not kill them, as they saw none of their own had been killed. Iolous drunken wisdom had saved them. They could have easily all died there on that beach if this had been a fight to the death. Instead, they only had to remain standing and they may make their way to Hippolyta.

Little did they know she would make her way to them. Daughter of Ares, a demigod herself. The Amazonian's final resort. She rushed into battle, hair twisted into locks and painted red for the blood she would spill. She sat on a horse as big as one of Diomedes mares. Abderus rushed in trying to remove the weapon from her hands, only to be flipped over her spear and slammed to the ground. The Amazons cleared out, giving her space as she rode circles around Heracles men, fast enough to dig a trench around them.

"Leave the circle," Heracles demanded his men.

"She will truly kill you if we do," One of Abderus' men complained.

"Tend to your king or she shall kill you all," Heracles proclaimed.

They did as they were told, leaving the circle and carrying their wounded. Heracles remained as Hippolyta jumped from her horse. The white sands glistening against her Mahogany skin. She made her way into the circle with Heracles, and took a fighting stance. Heracles gripped his sword and rushed forward. She was a woman, a beautiful woman, perhaps the most beautiful, but she was a daughter of Ares. She was not to be taken lightly.

He sword swung down, only to be blocked by her spear. Heracles expected it to be sliced in half but his hands shook as if he had struck metal, not a wooden spear. She smiled, Heracles had not seen a smile like that since his wife, it must be love. She jammed her foot into his sternum as she spun her spear freeing his sword from his hands. Heracles fell to one knee, she had more strength than he imagined. He knew she was a demi-god, but he had not expected such strength from a woman. He dived for his sword only for the dull end of her spear to slam into his back, keeping him at bay.

A swift kick to the skull, caused the world to spin for Heracles. Still he made it to his knees and rushed at Hippolyta. He could not beat her in a duel, but he could wrestle better than any man, or woman. He winced as Hippolyta's spear cut through his side and scratched at a rib. Still he managed to grip her in a bear hug. She would not scream in pain, she would not give him that honor. She did what no man had thought to do before. She jammed a finger into Heracles eye, and another, until she could grasp his eye and begin to pull. He released her from his grip and took a knee. Before he could ponder his next move her spear had slammed into the side of his head, rendering him unconscious and bleeding on the beach.

"Treat the men as guest, tend to their injured, provide them with food and drink. But, do not allow them to leave the beach," Hippolyta commanded her forces. "Bring this one to the palace. We have many things to discuss when he can think clearly, and see my side of things."

The Amazons laughed and cheered at her joke. They had bested Heracles in battle, something not many could say, and it had been nothing but a training exercise to them. A battle where they could not kill. They had tangled with not one but two Demi-gods that day and they would feast, and celebrate for days to come. Even if the battle was not told of beyond this island.

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