Heracles returned to his home, the blood had washed away long before he found the strength to return. He had been forgiven, he had found the will to live and the ability to love once more. Still he could no longer call this place home. After retrieving the meaningful items, and mementos of his children he burned the home down. His wife Megera would not return as she had married Iolaus. Heracles forced his legs to move on as his former home burned along with the remains of his shame.

There was still work to be done. He had promised to free Atlas from his constraints. He needed to construct pillars large enough to support the sky. He owed Azeus a visit for his dedication, and needed to find a gift. Phyleus would need help ruling for sure. Heracles laughed at the thought, he had overthrown so many kings and named new ones. He would need to visit them all and see how they had fared. There were rumors of a man named Jason gathering a group of warriors to travel in search of a golden fleece, it could provide some interest.

The number of things Heracles could do were numerous. For now, he would find land and build a new home. A home free of terrible memories and far away from his old home. Rage had defined Heracles, and he had become rage. It had caused his downfall and he would not succumb to it again. For the moment being, Heracles had found peace, and he would enjoy it.

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