Speed of Eurystheus

"Eurystheus, get out here. I have the hind," Heracles screamed from outside the gate.

"I'll send notice we have arrived," Azeus declared, intending to get supplies.

He had not been shaken by the beating he received last time he was in the city. He made his way through with no issues this time around. Guards didn't dare to look at him wrong. He was frail, not as frail as when he first followed Heracles, but still enough for any guard to punish with ease. Living with Heracles was making him strong physically, even if he was unaware. He was aware of a new found belief in a better tomorrow after meeting not one but two Gods.

Azeus was not as bold as Heracles, he waited in line for a meeting with the King. When the door was closed on him he was initially discouraged and left the palace. But he was a new man, or trying to be so he returned to the castle, and stood face to face with one of the guards, one who looked to have some power. Fear in his heart, but his face set.

"Heracles is outside with Cyrenian Hind, he wants to see King Eurystheus now, or he's coming in. I trust you won't leave him waiting," Azeus walked out swiftly before the man could respond.

He quickly made his way out of the city and back to Heracles, not looking back the entire way. Stopping only briefly to vomit, but standing taller as he exited the city gates to meet with Heracles. The two waited for an answer, but they didn't wait long.

"I see you have the hind, bring it to the gates and hand it over for my menagerie," King Eurystheus demanded.

"I will not bring it to your men. They are not worthy, come here and take it yourself," Heracles demanded.

Eurystheus was in no position to deny Heracles. After angering him during their last meeting, he would tread carefully. Anxiety grew within him as he made his way down the stairs, nervous sweat, cold and clammy before he could approach Heracles. He reaches his hand for the rope holding the deer, slowly inching closer. When he's in reaching distances Heracles releases the rope. In a sudden beam of light the Cyrenian Hind is gone as quick as it had arrived in the city.

"You let it go free," Heracles glared intensely at King Eurystheus. "I spent months searching, and you let him go because you weren't fast enough," Heracles closed in leering down at Eurystheus.

"I, apologize," Eurystheus backs up, nearly tripping over his own feet.

"You should give him his next task and leave, I've never seen him this angry," Azeus plays along sensing Heracles game.

"Capture the Erymanthian Boar," Eurystheus demanded as he rushed back to the castle.

Heracles and Azeus turned and left the city. Once they were sure no one could hear them they laughed at the King's reaction. They understood they would pay for it later, but also understood the King knew they were not to be trifled with. Catching the boar would be difficult, but it would be easier than tracking the hind, and Heracles already had a clue as to where to start.

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