Over The Hill

The backstage pass was Arthur's chance to finally meet his Dad, but after seeing the over the hill rocker perform, he settled for the poster. It wasn't even signed, but it was the image of his father that had been painted for him. The image that he had in his mind since he was a child and his mother showed him the truth. A birth certificate signed Eddie Waylon. The real name of a man known as Wild Man Waylon to fans.

Since Arthur was a child he dreamed of the moment when he could finally meet his father. The legendary rock god he had heard so much about. Watching the show, he just couldn't feel it. He watched the old man drag his feet around the stage, and sing about some old revolution that never came. The crowd ate it up, but even they had become old. The anarchist fighter his mom had fallen in love with was long gone. This was a man who paid his property tax early and voted promptly at six AM.

There was nothing here for him. He saw the legend in person and he was not impressed. Arthur couldn't understand why his mother loved this man. Nor, could he understand the legions of fans. Arthur had come here for answers, and he only left with more questions. Questions a father he never knew couldn't answer.