"Hey Alexi, get back to work," Marco shouted down to me.

"My name is Alex, where are you even getting Alexi from," I shout back at him.

He waves me off and goes back into his office closing the door. Vampire scum. I know he's a fucking vampire. This city is filled with them. Elves and Orcs too. They think they're so damn sneaky like people don't notice them. Magical creatures think they're so much better than us normal humans. Yeah, I get it, their spells work on most people. Once you get a glimpse of the world around you, the spell wears off. 

Last month I watched Marco bite a man's neck, I'm pretty sure he didn't kill him but probably turned him into a vampire. He got paid for it. I mean it makes sense. Marco always works the night shift, never the day shift. He has creepy friends that always show up. I never see him eat regular food. Seeing that side of him haunted me for days, I called in sick for like a week.

Then I started picking up on things when I would go out. That person's ears are a little funny looking. That guy's complexion is a little green. Maybe that's not science but a little magic. You hear whispers about the human staring. Yeah I was staring, I just found out Orcs are real and sometimes they date Elves; coincidentally I just learned Elves are real too. You just didn't have to be rude about my staring.

I bought a gun for protection. A little .45 that I can keep in my pocket, blessed bullets. I was assured it would work if I needed to kill a vampire. Everything you need is on the internet just a few clicks away. Some guy on an occult forum hooked me up with it. I guess there's a lot of humans who know but don't say anything because they think it's normal. Maybe it is normal to some of them. I saw a freaking wizard a few days ago and he was a real dude. A man. A human man.

"Alexi, come to my office when you're done sweeping the parking lot," Marco popped out.

I am not going out a victim. I'm going to his office right now and finishing this guy off. The dark web says if you kill a vampire, it's not actually a crime so you won't go to jail. That's why people can make their living hunting vampires.

"Shut the door," Marco says with a slick grin as I enter the room.

"What's up, boss," I say playing it real cool.

"How much do you know?"

"I know a lot, match, science..."

"Vampires, werewolves, leprechauns."

"I don't know anything about werewolves or leprechauns," I say, with complete honesty. I hadn't seen or heard anything about them.

"What about vampires?"

"You know, just stuff on the internet."

"Yes, the internet," Marco stands.

Slowly he walks from around his desk, hand stroking the grain. He inches towards me and I can actually feel his intentions. He's going to kill me. I reach for the gun in my pocket and he grabs my hand. His finger nails dig into my flesh and he smiles a twisted smile revealing his fangs.

"It's a shame, you were such a good worker Alexi."

In a moments notice his head cracks open and a man dressed in black enters the room. It's almost as if Chris Angel had saved me. This guy looked ridiculous with crazy amounts of unnecessary jewelry. I was out of a job but at least I wasn't vampire food. Do you report a vampire body to the police? How does this work. Oh, nope, it's slowly turning to dust. It should be just ashes in a few hours.

Chris Angel with a gun climbs back through the window and scurries across the parking lot as if I can't see him. Wish he gave me a ride home. I guess killing vampires wouldn't be such a bad career. I wonder how he gets paid.

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