Mind over cuffs

Was he a duke? A king? An emperor? A god? We were unsure but the man carried himself with an aura that signified he was above the rest of us. Yet here he was, in the same police transport as the rest of us wearing handcuffs just like us. Worry and concern cover the faces of everyone in the vehicle, except for his. I'm the first to notice, but I'm not the last. Soon, I spot others glancing at the man. 

"I see I've drawn your attention," the man speaks. His voice isn't as deep as I would expect, but it's smooth and it's dignified. "Would you all like to see a magic trick?"

An odd question that doesn't get an immediate answer. He smiles, and waits for an answer as the rest of share confused but curious glances. Nobody answers the man immediately. Grown men aren't often fond of tricks in the city we're from.

"I want to see," a young boy, probably just over eighteen speaks up.

"Wonderful," the strange man speaks. "The thing about being arrested is that they can imprison your body, but as long as you have your imagination, your wits and desire to learn, they can never imprison your mind." A sly smile crosses his face.

The man claps his hands together and as if magic were real his shackles vanished. If I hadn't seen it myself I wouldn't have believed it. He stands and and walks around, "If your mind can not be chained and you believe your mind is stronger than your body. You can simply overcome any obstacle placed in front of your body. This van, is nothing but an obstacle." With a laugh he walks to the back of the van, and through the door without opening it. 

"What the hell was that," one man asks.

"Yeah, I have to be high," another says, trying to pull his own cuffs apart. 

Author Notes: There was a time when MLK would have died if he sneezed.