Eye Contact

Oh god, I looked up at the same time as he did. He's going to think I was staring at him. I hate that accidental eye contact moment. He's going to think I'm interested in him. I hope he doesn't think I was checking him out. I hope with all my heart. I'll just put my head down and pretend I wasn't even looking over there. No, why was he looking back at me. He had to be looking behind him. Please sit down. Please. Why is he walking this way? No, sit. Stop moving your feet. Fall to the ground suddenly paralyzed just get away from me. Damn. Damn. Damn.

"Hey Kare, hows it going," he asks with a smile, showing way too many teeth.

"Going great Mike. Just working on these expense reports."

"Probably real tiring."

"Yes it is, I really have to focus on these."

"How about we go out for a drink late. You know, to relax after a long work week," his eyes are so damn sad.

"Sorry, going out of town to see my sister," I don't even have a sister. Not even a sorority sister.

"Maybe, I'll catch you next time," he says raising an eyebrow and licking his lips as he backs away.

I might actually be sick to my stomach. This guy is out of his mind if he thinks I'm going out with him. Not now, not ever. He's the office creep. Doing just enough to avoid sexual harassment calls to HR. I can feel my skin crawling.

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