Sustentation: An Exsanguinate Novela


Kareem and Wesley are roommates who live entirely different lives. Kareem drifts through life with no goals or purpose besides finding his next drink of blood. Wesley is a devout Christian who seeks salvation for both he and Kareem. Both have their secrets and as the two are forced to spend more time together they learn more about each other and themselves. Together they come to qustion the meaning of power, Christianity, and how far the definition of humanity truly goes. Sustenation is the corner where nutrients meets addiction. Will Kareem and Wesley be able to separate the two? 

Note: I update my other fictions weekly, but I'm not sure what the schedule for this one will be. There's no real plan here. I just had an idea and decided to run with it. I usually plan excessively before I start a fiction, but I don't have a plan. It takes place in the same universe as the Exsanguinate fiction, but doesn't really have any links to the other books.

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