Thesis (Excerpt)

I didn’t see it coming to this. We all know we’ll die, we just don’t know how or when. I saw myself dying in a blaze of glory. I thought I would push one of these heroes to the edge. I thought that one of them would finally cross the line and murder me. I thought I would live on forever as the one who finally broke one of these icons of justice who stood for what is right. Instead it’s cancer. Cancer the great equalizer. It doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor. It matters not if you’re good or bad. When cancer comes for you that’s it. Sure, you can fight it and you might win, but it might come back. Some people beat it, most don’t. I won’t. The doctors caught it too late. If I had made more time for doctor visits, I would have been okay.

The worst part is I had a plan, and I will never see it be finished. Starbright had always been a pain in my ass long before my prostate was. I was going to beat him. I would go after his family. I wouldn’t harm them, but I’d take them. I’d make him think they were dead. When he finally snapped and I was on the verge of death, I’d reveal they were never in any danger. I’d laugh as I faded away, instead I’m sitting in a hospital without a single visitor. The fatal flaw is that when I finally found out who he was, he had no family. The man had been on his own since the age of thirteen. Both parents dead, no wife, no kids. How was I going to take someone he loved? I could have taken his dog, but that would have been cruel even for me.

I was going to torture his family, in reality, I had tortured mine. My children don’t know me. The courts made sure of that. I didn’t fight them because I knew it was for the best. Nobody wants a super villain for a dad. I’d only teach them how to do wrong. I just made sure money showed up on the doorstep every month. They never wanted for anything growing up. They’re set for life. I wasn’t the best villain but I was probably the most financially secure. Other villains spent their spoils of war on flashy lairs and weapons. I kept it simple and saved. I was going to have a wonderful retirement. I guess that was just wishful thinking. Karma snatched it away. So, I die in peace wondering what ever became of them.

To be Continued in Super Shorts
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