"I will send you to hell," the orc screamed.

He was surrounded by several of the High Elves. He was injured. His group left him behind to retreat. That wasn't the way Orcs usually operated. Usually it was no one left behind. But times were changing and the way of the old guard didn't work anymore. He knew this. He was willing to make the sacrifice. He had fought more than his fair share of battles. Knowing he died giving the next generation a chance to thrive was the only peace he needed.

The High Elves were afraid. They had no idea what was planned. The Orcs had been using new tactics. They had set traps, attacked strategically. The mages were ready to attack but afraid of what may come. Those armed with swords moved in close. The Orc could take any of them even in his injured state. Could he take three of them? That was the question they pondered. There were six in all. Could the mages release their spells before he got close?

The Orc moved first, with no hesitation. He swung his hammer low to preserve energy. Still, this was the wise move. He was able to use one swing to take out the legs of the three with swords. The mages fired off their shots. The Orcs legs had already given out on him. Each of the shots missed. One grazed his back but he did not scream out in pain. He would not give them that satisfaction. Instead he took the sword of one of the Elves and jammed it into his chest. He used it as a crutch to stand and make his way to the mages. He was never good with a sword but he could no longer swing his hammer.

The High Elves chose style over substance. It would take them time to cast their next spells. One ran in fear. He would live. The first mage attempted to use his staff to block the sword. It would have worked if the Orc swung, instead he stabbed. A sword is a big knife to him, knives are for stabbing. He moved to cut down the next mage when he heard the sound of a metal striking metal. He turned to see another Orc crush the sternum of an Elf. The two made quick work of those remaining.

Some traditions still remained. There would be no Orcs left behind tonight. Injured and old, he had earned his respect long ago. He was still an elder, one who should be cared for. This was likely his last battle. He survived, but he fought to the end. That was something to be applauded. The young Orcs may have their own way of doing things. Still, tradition remains the same through generations.