"I'm going to take my horse to the old town road," Lil Nas X sings. That's the cue for the Naruto runners to take off. They rush towards the gates in mass. Over 100,000 strong. More than we had expected to show. A few are shot right away. They didn't believe in themselves. If they had they would have made it past the bullets and giant robot. They wouldn't have been turned into popcorn by the microwave blast or flattened by the tanks.

"Get down get down," Kyrle screams out as another microwave burst is sent out from the giant robot that burst through the ground. We thought the raid would be easy, but they knew we were coming. I'm not sure how.

They slam into the fence over and over again. Area 51 should have known a chain link fence would have never been enough to stop us. More robots appear. Our runners are being stopped. Area 51 thought they were memes but we have a secret weapon.

"I been in the valley, you ain't been up off that porch," that's the cue for our secret weapons. Keanu Reaves, Chuck Norris and Shaggy rush the robots. They're no match. The tanks crumble under the might of Shaggy's Doo-fu. Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks a robot into orbit. Keanu rides through on his motorcycle and cuts them off at the legs.

In no time at all we make it through to the base. With their forces decimated outside it takes only minutes for us to break through and find the aliens. They're all their. The Martians, the Neptunians. There's so much alien technology and objects. I couldn't believe it when we saw Jay Electronica's album. Who knew this was what the aliens were hiding.