Wedding Fight

"Baby, you should be supportive of your sister, she's obviously going through a lot." "Nah, I've had enough of this" Evonne marched over to the gift table where her sister was picking out her favourites to steal. Or borrow, she felt it was her right as sister of the bride.Before Evonne could lay a hand on her sister, vomit covered the gifts. Her sister Erica had too much to drink after her boyfriend rejected her marriage proposal. "The fuck are y'all looking at," Erica called out. Evonne was done now. She balled up her fist and walked to Erica.

The punch held all the wrath she ever had for Erica. Proposing at her wedding reception, vomiting on the gifts, never letting her be the blue powerpuff girl, stealing her first love. Erica didn't even see it coming. She just took a nap. People gasped in shock at what Evonne had done. She was the good sister. Everyone knew Erica had it coming. They just didn't know it would be Evonne, on her wedding day. Nobody felt bad for Erica but when Evonne's husband walked away they comforted her.

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