"After the energy reaches my containment field, I'm going to pass it back to you. Then you'll pass it back to me. This motion will build upon existing energy until we have enough to activate the defense wall."

"If this works, you might be the one to save us all."

The two begin to pass the ball of light back and forth. Heavy and hot, their hands protected by their gloves. First, they tossed underhanded then overhand. Slowly they'd move apart. Pure energy, growing with no fuel. This would change the world. It wouldn't be used for a weapon or something silly like a phone. No, it would power the missile defense wall, preventing a nuclear war. All for free.

A shot rings out and one of the men falls to the ground. Slowly his body is devoured by the light. Feeding on his life force, it grows ever larger. The second places it into the designated compartment. A few quick keystrokes and the wall begins to power on. He looks to the ashes of his fallen partner.

"There's so much I want to say to you. I'll settle for thank you. Your sacrifice will be remembered. You're gonna be the one that saved us after all."


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