Happy New Years, we all gonna be rich and beautiful this year while dismantling capitalism and eurocentric beauty standards. My skin glows, any blemishes are now gone. My teeth are the perfect shade of white, and my beard glistens as if it's always just been oiled. My body, unchanged but now I see beauty in it. I could admire myself all day, but a knock at the door reminds me that I need to go. 

A woman greets my, a kiss on each cheek. She's astounding, her cedar skin complemented by the braided ember hair. Her gown white and flowing only floated above the ground, never touching, never dirtying itself. She offered me her hand and I took it without hesitation. Soft and warm it holds softly yet firm it grasps my mind. This woman has me under her spell. I attempt to ask her name but she added silences me an insists that I follow. As so many men before me have I follow, not out of loyalty, leadership or logic, but lust.

We make our way through a grand hall, across an elevated bridge. I wave to those below me, they clap, shout and cry as if I were their savior. The feeling is new, but I welcome it. We stop at a door guarded by a woman, who could be her twin, and a man who could be her brother. Each inserts an ornate key into the door before heavy locks clunk into place allowing the door to open. At first there's nothing but a white light. Then there's snow. A beautiful wonderland in front of me, reminiscent of any happy Chris movie in the hills. Then I spot it.

The monster. A snake as larger than any man, slithering across the ground rapidly. The head of rhinoceros, dragging to the side, leaving a trail behind it due to the weight. Horn stabbing, teeth gnashing at air. I'm pushed from behind and the door slams. As I pound on the door until my hand stings, I remember it all. I've been here before. I came further this time. I awake in my bed. I keep having this dream.

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