Fight Club

Jack threw a piece of candy on the floor and watched his 3 children fight for it. Schools would be closed until May, there were no daycare centers remaining open. He was working from home. His wife, was an essential employee. It was Jack's job to care for the children. He needed to determine a favorite child early.

The twist is he would not favor the strongest. He would favor the wisest child. The wisest child would be able to live through the world's cruel embrace. Is this what Jack had become? An overlord of three children. From micro manager to civil warlord?

"Wait," the middle child yelled out as she was prone to do.

"What," the oldest asked as the youngest kissed his own ouchie.

"Daddy has more candy. We can beat him," the middle child revealed.

Thus, Jack's time as a civil warlord had come to an end. The children had outsmarted him. There was nothing left to do but go down swinging in the tickle fight.

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