The Great Tree

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Great Tree had stood in town since before the town began. This was the center of town. A tree that stood hundreds of feet in the air with branches that provided shade for hundreds at a time. This tree was a symbol of the High Elf people. A tree that held the elegance of the people it protected. Generations had played under this tree since the bustling city was a small farm a century ago. History that had been forgotten by the peoples of this land had not been forgotten by this tree.

Currently the people of this town choke on the ashes of The Great Tree as it burns. Orcs always had an aversion to flames. It wasn't their favorite way to destroy things, despite being the fastest. Many had scars from their encounters with the flame in their younger days.

Yet, the town saw it. Orcs had kidnapped the mayor's daughter. When their military force left to give chase the town gathered around the tree to discuss the happenings. Three more Orcs emerged from hiding and muscled their way through the crowd. Soon they were tossing bottles of flame at the tree. The entire tree was soon engulfed in flame as they Orcs fled. Had this been their plan all along? Orcs never took hostages, but destroying symbols was what they did.

Today was a beautiful day. Now the sky had been blackened with ash from the town's greatest treasure. The mayor's daughter is missing and the status of their defensive force is in the air. A defensive force they had never used before. Ash falls as children cry and adults wonder what is next. The world they knew came to an end today.

They had long thought the Orcs to be brutes. Today, they came to a new conclusion. They were not brutes, they were monsters. Orcs wanted nothing more than to see others suffer. They are worse than the Dark Elves that they had fought for so long.

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