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"This will not stand. These Orcs have no business coming into our lands," The High Elf spoke with elegance to the others in attendance. It was no wonder he had been their mayor for so long. High Elves were fickle and they expected the best from everyone. High Elves didn't look down on anyone, they looked down on everyone.

"Sir, they have your daughter," one of the advisers spoke up.

"Have the men protecting her killed and track down the Orcs," The Mayor responded with minimum care in his voice.

He had other things on his mind. The council would be convening soon and selecting a representative from their state to send to the Elven Committee. They would be discussing the Dark Elves and if they should be allowed in the committee. The Wood Elves were savages according to some, but the Dark Elves were different. They could not be reasoned with. Many High Elves saw them as a race who played the victim. Always bringing up tragedies of the past and claiming to still be tormented by them. This is why the Dark Elves were not part of the Elven Comittee.

Secretly, no High Elf wanted the Dark Elves to be included. The Mayor, being one of the extreme cases. He wanted them extinct. He had no doubt it was The Dark Elves who had hired the Orcs to kidnap his daughter. They had become all too friendly lately. The Dark Elves and the Pig Elves. That's what the Orcs were to them. Pig Elves. Somewhere along the line Elves decided to breed with pigs, at least that's how the High Elves felt.

The Mayor returned to his desk and began working on his speech. He had no doubt his daughter would be recovered. It was a non issue for him. If the Orcs made a habit of entering these areas, then it would become an issue. For now this is a single occurrence that will soon be rectified.

Part 2
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