No Rest For The Wicked

Part 1

"No rest. No mercy. No matter what," the Elven captain yelled out as they readied for their outing.

They were in search of a group of Orcs. These Orcs had stormed the city and abducted the mayor's daughter. They did not often deal with Orcs but they knew enough. They were an elite fighting force and had no doubt a dozen rowdy Orcs would fall with ease.

They mounted their horses and sped to the North of town. Hopefully the horses would give them enough speed to catch the Orcs before they reached their own territory. Having a town so close to the boarder had never been ideal but in the last few years they had expanded to a growing city. It was only natural they'd come into contact with the Orcs.

Why did the Orcs take the mayor's daughter? Orcs had never been the type to play games. Nor had they been the type to take prisoners. Orcs kill and destroy anything in their way. This was different. This was organized. They vandalized along the way, but they had a goal from the start. They were organized more than normal. These were things the old captain thought about on the ride out.

The Orc raiding party appeared in sight as they crossed over the hill. Soon they would be facing the Orcs. They had a numbers advantage and Orcs still had not learned magic like the humans. They had no way to defend themselves from it. This would be a slaughtering. A message to others who would try the same things in the future. As posh or pampered as High Elves may seem, they would not back down from these transgressions without a fight.

Part 3
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