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People looked on as the High Elves rapidly approached the Orcs. Their pale skin sparkled in the bright sunlight. The beauty of the Elves complimented only by their magnificent horses. Horses from the Wood Elves who bred the best horses that the world had ever seen. The horses draped in red and gold colors more suited for pageantry than battle.

The Orcs continued their march, paying the Elves no attention. Mother Earth held her breath as the first spell was cast. A ball of light zoomed forward and slammed into the back of an Orc. He fell to the ground. Suddenly the march stopped. The largest of the Orcs drew his axe and raised it into the air. The Orcs turned ready to face off with the Elves. The Orcs had no horses, surely they would lose. Horses were the new standard in combat and the Orcs were outdated.

The Orcs rushed forward, taking hits from spells and continuing on. It seemed as they would have no plan but Orcs do not fight by strategies or training. They fight for survival from birth. They only fight to win. Outnumbered the Orcs managed to gain an upper hand. The High Elves had not expected the Orcs to attack horses. The Elves made the mistake of thinking that everyone thinks as they do. One of the greatest pitfalls of life.

Several Elves were injured and one died as his horse fell and crushed him. Caught off guard the Elves no longer had the time to speak the incantations of their spells. An outdated way of casting spells, but an elegant way. It had failed them in this moment. Turning to swords led to swift defeat. The last of the Elves huddled together in the mud, circled by Orcs.

The largest of the Orcs raised his axe again, signalling the others to stop. One of the Orcs walked forward dragging the princess by her hair through the mud. He tosses her at the foot of the Elven captain. Again the largest motions his hand and the Orcs once again begin to march. This time with no princess.

The Orcs had no casualties that day. The Elves had three among numerous injuries. These Orcs were smart. They had never taken orders from a leader before. Those that had witnessed the battle could not help but wonder if the Orcs had some change in their way of life. The Orcs would soon be monitored. For now they needed to return home and give the mayor an update. One would remain with the bodies and the injured until help could arrive.

Part 4 (END)
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