The young turtle swims in circles. Lost. It searches everywhere in the water. Below the surface. On the surface. It swims from one end of the lake to the other. Never stopping in the search. Still the turtle does not find what he searches for.

He crawls ashore and sits in the shade of a large tree as the sun sets. It snuggles up to a boulder and wonders where its father has gone. The turtle ponders what will become of his life. His father had been the guiding light of his life. Helping him maneuver the deep spots in the lake they inhabited. The turtle's father had always been there to make sure he remained confident in his next move and never lost faith in himself.

Without his father the turtle was lost. He had no idea what he should do now. His stomach growled and he made his way to the banks of the lake. There he ate some seaweed and a few minnows. When the turtle was full he found a log to sleep inside for the night. Once again wondering where his father had gone.

When he awoke his father was there waiting for him. "Dad where did you go," the young turtle screamed out.

"I had to go somewhere else, but you'll be fine," the older turtle reassured him.

"But I need you dad," the young turtle said.

"No, you don't need me. I made sure you knew everything you needed to make it in this great big lake," his father reassured him.

"Sure dad," the younger turtle said smiling as they crawled into the lake.

"One day I won't be around to take care of you. You know that," said the older turtle.

"Yes, but for now can we enjoy this moment," the younger replied.

The two turtles swam through the lake that day, smiling and sharing where they had been yesterday. In that moment they were happy. Whatever pain may come tomorrow was no worry to them.
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