As I sat on the train, I saw this cute Japanese woman sitting in front of me. I could see the pink bra she was wearing through her white dress shirt. I also saw her pink panties due to her having her legs open. She had on a grey miniskirt.

I was mesmerised by her pink panties. I don't think she even noticed me taking quick looks to see her panties. My dick got hard. I felt the lust flow through me. I played it cool and pretended to look at my phone while I still took quick looks at her panties.

I think the guy sitting 2 seats away from me noticed what I was doing. I wonder what her pussy look like. Was it shaven? Did her pussy have a 5 o'clock shadow? Did she have a hairy pussy? What did her nipples look like? Gumdrops nipples? Do they blend in with the areolas? So many images raced through my mind.

"Iwata desu! Iwata desu!" the train announcer said.

I arrived at my destination. I took one more quick look at her pink panties and took off.