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Sierra Evans is attempting to resurrect her husband and find his killer after his death on a job several years ago. They were huntint a werewolf, but something else killed him, something much more sinister. Halloween is the last chance she'll have to bring him back to life and she won't pass up the oppertunity. Rythe Johnston is an investigative journalist and a Dark Elf that has lost his ability to use magic because of an addiction to Fairy Dust. He's currently tracking a vicious serial killer that no one else seems to believe in. Their paths cross at an unholy intersection filled with blood and drugs. Is Sierra the serial killer Rythe has been searching for? There's enough blood on her hands for that to make sense. Is Rythe the cold blooded murderer she thinks he is? There's enough questions about his past for that to be true.

From the same universe as the web serial Exsanguinate, Blood of Brothers is a wild ride with a lot of twists in the same universe. Don't be surprised to see some old faces along this new journey.

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