Chapter 21 - Rythe: Unbelievable


“Why were you following me,” Ci-Ci demands of me.

“I told you, I wasn’t following you. I was following your brother in law. Shouldn’t you be more worried about why he was trying to kill you? I'd like to know. I'm sure this old lady would like to know,” I respond.

“My name is Tituba and you have one more time to call me old woman before I trap you in an eternal trance,” the old lady finally introduces herself.

“That doesn’t explain the stalking,” Ci-Ci doesn't drop it.

“After I met you at the club, I looked into your husband's death. I thought you were the killer. Meaning you were a serial killer I'm looking for,” I shrug.

“How dare you think I was a murderer, Ci-Ci slams her hands on my coffee table having regained her strength.

“Well when I saw bird boy land in your yard I knew he was the killer,” I finish my explanation, it’s simple really.

“That doesn't explain how you ended up at Tituba's home,” Ci-Ci continues her interrogation.

“Because I'm sexy,” Tituba rubs her hips and the two of us share a laugh.

“I was following Jonah, it just so happens he was following you. You should be lucky. He had you on the ropes. Any more questions,” I cede the floor to Ci-Ci.

“You're full of shit! Jonah can be an asshole but he's not a killer,” Ci-Ci spits back at me.

“I know you don’t want to believe him, but he's telling the truth. I can't feel a lie coming from him. He's on my dishonest with himself,” Tituba places a hand on Ci-Ci's shoulder.

 Know she’s struggling with this. I would be too. An elf shows up claiming your brother in law is a serial killer, then kisses him. She just had the fight of her life as far as I know, and she didn’t exactly come out on top. Jonah looked incapacitated, not dead. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was out searching for her now, because he doesn’t know me. I need to ditch these two. They’re going to bring me nothing but bad luck. I’ve got my killer; I just need more information to bring him down. I think I can do that without them.

“I would like to go home now,” Tituba breaks the silence.

“Alright, let me grab my keys. We can grab something to eat on the way,” I grab my jacket.

“No, your house is a mess, and he might be there still waiting for you,” Ci-Ci interrupts.

“I must make amends with Ogoun. I reached out to another Loa, and as you can see, he brought ruin to my home,” Tituba rises as well.

“No, that was me, I brought ruin to your house. I don’t have the money to fix it right now, but I promise I will.”

“This was a punishment, I need to make amends,” Tituba insists.

“Please at least wait a day or two until we can know you’re safe,” Ci-Ci says we as in a group. I don’t like we.

“My place really isn’t that big,” I interrupt.

“Nonsense. Tituba can take the bedroom and I’ll take the couch in the office,” Ci-Ci has a plan.

“And me,” I ask.

“This couch here in the living room,” she points.

“Sure you wouldn’t be more comfortable in a hotel room,” I ask.

“No, this is safer, we’re all together,” Ci-Ci continues to lead.

“Whatever,” I drop my jacket, “but I’m sleeping in my bed.”

“That’s no way to treat guests,” Tituba interjects.

“You’re not guests and a few minutes ago, you didn’t even want to stay here,” I toss my jacket back into the armchair.

“Well we’re here now. Let’s make the best of it. I’ll order pizza,” Ci-Ci grabs my phone from the reciever.

“No mushrooms, they’re just a fungus,” I make my way into my bedroom.

I take a seat on my bed and pull out one of my fairy dust cigarettes. This time, I’m looking for the calming effect that follows the adrenaline rush. I don’t like people, outside of small doses and they’ve invaded my home. People get hurt around me, and they’re insistent on being here. I need to be alone. That’s what is best for me, and everyone else. They just don’t see it. Hopefully they’ll be gone in the morning. This living situation just won’t work.

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