King's Disease

People gathered around The King in the castle's court. Their faces filled with shock, fear and even joy. Eight years ago, The King took power in the battle of the Siege of Garb. He murdered the previous king in cold blood. The first day he executed the king's children to ensure there would be no heir coming for the throne. The second day, he the prior king's name removed from records. The third day, he executed the wives.

Eloreta, the first wife of the previous King did not march to her death in silence. She cursed him on that day, that he would day a death most painful. For the last eight years he has grown weaker and weaker. Today was not the first time he collapsed. It was the first time he collapsed in public. His illness had been whispered about only in the halls of the castle before now. But the general public was aware of just how weak he had become now. His enemies that lurked in the shadows would now make their way to the surface. They had waited to regain control of their land, and now was the opportunity. Soon they would have their revenge, and their kingdom. 

The King yanked himself from the hands of his aids and forced himself to his feet. He would not appear weak in front of the crowd. It was too late, they had already seen the true form of their king, and predators were ready to feast on his weakened body.

"Just a fall," he waved his arm.