Still not a Cowboy

He was older than she thought he would be. The leader of this, gang, or cult. Cowboys she had thought long missing. In the end they simply weren't wanting to be found. They had come to follow and worship The Honorable Percy Montgomery. A man who claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, right here in the wild west. How's that for manifest destiny?

Last night Carey had been captured sneaking around the camp. Rumors quickly spread that she was an agent of Satan sent to stop them. She had to be cleansed. Not with prayers or holy water, but with fire. The greatest cleanser of all. Tied to a wooden post she waited to be burned like a witch.

"Do you enjoy hurting people," Montgomery asked her as a crowd gathered.

"Just make this quick," Carey said as she was doused in gasoline.

"Let this be a lesson, the wages of sin is death," Montgomery continued his sermon.

"Carey," a voice yelled out as a man pushed to the front of the crowd.

Her brother Jedediah rushed past Montgomery, pulled a pocket knife and cut his sister free. They embraced in a hug before anyone could attempt to stop them. When attention turned their way they ran. There would be no surviving if they were captured.

"See what this incarnate of Satan has done? Infected one of our own," Montgomery yelled as they fled into the night.

Gun shots start to rip through the night air as the duo reach the horses. Jedediah attempted to fire back from the revolver he kept near but he had never been a good shot. Carey had been a great shot but Pa and Ma said it was unbecoming of a lady. She ripped the gun from her brothers hand and fired back. Nearly killing Montgomery with a single shot, instead grazing his face and knocking him from his horse. The cultists would stop to check on their leader.

"What in god's name are you doing out here," Jedediah instantly forgot the teachings of Montgomery as he asked his sister.

"What in God's name are you doing here," she returned the question.

"I was trying to find myself. Don't go looking for a man that don't want to be found. How many times do you have to hear that," Jedediah asked her.

Chapters 1234, 5
Didn't expect this to be a series.

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