Dinner at The Park

"I just don't think the savages should be allowed into the cities. The darkies, are enough hassle. They seem to think they are humans," Michael continued his tirade.

"Michael, I came here for dinner with you. I've been served some kind of sand lettuce and listened to you rant for hours about how the only colors that matter are green and white. We just are not going to work out darling," Carey calmly explained to her date.

"You are quickly reaching the age where no man will want to settle with you. There aren't many willing suitors as it is," Michael retorted.

"Well, to hell with them. I never needed no man, and I don't need you either.," Carey smiled and left the table.

She walked through the park, unbothered by the catcalls and sexual advances. Carey really had no need for a man in her life. She had a career teaching students and working the bar at the local brothel. Recently she had even started writing for the local newspaper on occasion. She had more money than most of the men trying to court her and impress her with their funds.

"Lift with your legs you heathens," she watched as an older ragged but charming looking man yelled at a group of men and women.

The man was Percy Montgomery, Carey had only heard things about him, she wasn't sure if they were true. She sat there and watched as he demanded his followers to raise a large wooden cross. He began to preach but Carey couldn't pay attention to the words coming out of his mouth.

It had been 12 years since Carey last saw her older brother, but she could swear she was watching him that night. She watched him run out of the house after shooting their father, and often wondered what happened to him. She feared their father had found Jedediah and killed him in some small town away from home.

His sandy reddish brown hair, freckles and easily tanning skin. He had always been skinnier, and the man here was even skinnier. Still she was sure it was her brother. Carey inched closer and closer to Montgomery's sermon. She couldn't get through the crowd but as she got closer she just knew the man she was watching was her brother. As Montgomery walked off followed by his disciples carrying the large cross she tried to give chase but the crowd was too large.

"Jedediah," she called out repeatedly trying to get his attention.

For a brief moment she could swear the man looked back at her. Just a glimpse, and that was all she needed. She would get her brother back if it was the last thing she did.

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Didn't expect this to be a series.

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