Blueberry Lemonade Smoothies

"What are you doing," the man asked his son.

"I'm packing my suitcase," the boy dragged his rocket ship suitcase from the closet.

"Are you going on a trip?"

"No. I'm running away like mom," the small boy explained.

"Why are you running away," the man asked pretending the child's question didn't hurt.

"Because you gave me a lemon, and it was nasty."

"But you have to put lemon in blueberry lemonade smoothies."

"I am not a smoothie," the boy explained as he moved through the house packing his favorite things.

"You're my son, I know," the father pulls his own suitcase from the closet.

"Not anymore, you shouldn't have given me lemons."

"Fine, be that way," the father begins to pack a few of his favorite things.

In silence the father and son duo pack. A handful of Power Rangers action figures, a Craig of the Creek shirt, a frisbee and frozen waffles for the boy. A television remote, a Swift novel and a Nintendo Switch for the man. As the boy leaves, the man locks the door and follows him up the street with two smoothies and a suitcase of his own.

"What are you doing," the boy asks annoyed by his father's mimicking.

"Well, my son ran away, so I have to find a new son. One who likes blueberry lemonade smoothies," the man begins to walk again.

"But I'm your son, and I like blueberry lemonade smoothies," the boy lets his suitcase fall to the ground.

"But you said you weren't my son, and you were running away."

"Well, maybe I can be your son a little longer," the boy offers.

"Would you live with me too?"

"I guess I can't see a problem with that," the boy says accepting a smoothie as if he won.

"Well, that's great news," the father smiles as they walk home to the confused look of the nosy neighbor.