The Blood Moon

Part 1 - Outside The Reach

The screams woke Shao from his bed. He awoke in a room bathed in red moonlight. The smell of smoke pulled him from his bed. He fell back to the ground when he looked out to the streets below him. He couldn't believe his eyes when he looked below.

The streets were full of blood. Innocent people, blood spilled everywhere. He had heard stories about the Orcs being violent, barbaric and unstoppable in battle. Now he had witnessed it. Bodies of the royal guard lay next to those of innocent men, women and children. Even the pets were not being spared. He witnessed his neighbor step outside to observe the commotion only for a mace to be smashed introduced to his neighbor's face.

Shao tried to scream in horror, but no sound came out. He only fell back to the ground in his room. If he remained silent he would live through this night. His blood would not join the blood flowing into the sewer.

The Orcs made their way through the city, the red moonlight shined on them, it gave them the power to be almost invincible tonight. Not a single Orc fell as they tore through the streets and the royal guard. They made their way to the local king's castle. They would claim the city as their tonight. The king would be murdered his line of heirs sacrificed to some Orcish god and the Orcs would have the place in civilization they dreamed about so much. If the world would not give the Ors a place in society, they would take one, every year on the night of the blood moon.

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  1. This is TUFF!!!! Orcs aren't fucking around 😤😭😭😭